Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome To Mr. Johnson's Learning Emporium!

Since we seem to keep running out of time in class, I've finally decided to join in on all the online education hype. I'll post extra questions here for you to think about them. I'll warn you, they can be tough because some of them won't even be from our class! Also, relax, this isn't for credit.

I'll be posting different types of questions: short answer, multiple choice, and true/false. If you have a hard time finding the answer, stop worrying; the answers will be posted right below it (no peeking, though! remember this is not for credit, this is to study). If you want to discuss questions further, you can either post your response as a comment or write it down on paper and bring it to me in class. If you think my answer is wrong, let me know in the comments for that question.

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